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Use Dynamic Cloth

1. Load Victoria 4.2. 2. Off all Inverse Kinematics. 3. Zero figure. 4. Set scale 95%. 5. Load swim_z05blen03.

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Water for Fonte Aretusa

RETURNMesh OBJ file of water flow for DAZ3D’s free stuff as ‘Fonte Aretusa’You can get this item from DAZ3D’s site.

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RETURN1.Import all obj files.2.Set parent like this Hierarchy window.3.Set Materials and Transform.4.Render.RETURN

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2 Parts Door

RETURN1.Import 2parts_door.obj2.Load morph target 2parts_door_morph.obj3.Then you can OPEN/CLOSE the door with morph dial.RETURN

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Description of Fluid OBJ

RETURN1. Extract f115-0222.zip2. You can get following 3 files.0222.objf115.p2zf115.png3. Copy or move f115.p2z and f115.png toC:\Program Files\e frontier\Poser 7\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\4. Start yo…

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